Velas – Uma decoracao para suas Velas – Adorei – Feita com Barbante e Cola

Credits: somedaycrafts

Materials needed: Yarn, Fabric Stiffener, and a balloon. {It’s that simple}

I began by cutting the yarn into 6-8 inch strips. You will need quite a few and it’s better to have them pre-cut. I used a cotton worsted weight yarn; however, this project will work with any type.

I blew up the balloon just a bit to create my form then placed it, tie side down, in a bowl to have a nice sturdy working space.

The secret ingredient for this project…Fabric Stiffener. {I used Plaid ‚Stiffy‘ brand} You can find it in the sewing section of your local craft store.

Place 5-6 strands of yarn at a time in a cup and pour enough stiffener in to completely cover. You want the yarn to sit for a few minutes to become totally saturated.
Working with one strand at a time, place the yarn on the balloon overlapping and layering pieces as you go.

Keep going until you have the entire balloon covered. You’ll definitely want to work on a protected space as this gets a little messy.

The hardest part is waiting for these little guys to dry. I waited 48 hours to ensure the yarn was completely hardened. The fun part is deflating the balloon. Turn the balloon over in the bowl and cut a small hole near the tie to slowly release the air.

If there is any residue left on the inside of the ’nest‘ {as I had above} you can easily cover this up with a light coat of black spray paint.

It’s darling with a simple votive {I actually used a flameless candle…I have a three year old, need I say more}
or how about some speckled eggs…

…festive carrot bells…

or simply a little birdie nestled in a bed of greens welcoming spring. {which is finally here today!}
Thanks again Michelle, I’m honored to have the opportunity!


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